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Flambé cooking competition

On January 31st 2018, the .P.S. Principi Grimaldi hosted 8 Sicilian teams (18 competitors) plus one out of competition made up of special boys, for the regional competition of “Cucina nell''arte flambé”.


The central theme is the kitchen which follows the principles of healthy eating, using Mediterranean products, and which enhances the taste and peculiarity of native and quality products, including slow food products.


"Organizing this event was very demanding," says the Competition Referee prof. Occhipinti Giovanni, flanked by the deputy grand chancellor AMIRA Mr. Vito Guzzardi.


The teams have shown a very high level of preparation.


* THE FIRST PRIZE ** went to IIS “G. Marconi ”of Vittoria with aspiring maître Rudy Pitrolo and Miriana Moreno accompanied by prof. Maurizio Alescio. They presented an innovative dish valuing fava cotto, steamed vegetables and the black pig of the Iblei.


* THE SECOND PRIZE ** if awarded by the IIS “E. Medi ”from Randazzo with the aspiring maître Nunzia Giangreco and Ovidio Timofte accompanied by the teacher trustee prof. Alfio Cantarella. The dish presented was a fillet of Nebrodi suckling pig in a wild berry sauce with spinach.


* THE THIRD PRIZE ** has been assigned to IPS “G. Ferraris ”of Ragusa with the aspiring maître Matilde Piccitto and Jenny Oro accompanied by prof. Giorgio Comitini. They proposed a fillet of suckling pig sweetened with carob flour and an orange salad warmed up with pumpkin, garnished with purple potato chips and bread chips.


* THE BEST ENGLISH PERFORMANCE ** (additional prize) went to the IPSSAR “P. Borsellino ”of Palermo with the aspiring maitre Giunta Laura and Cragnocchi Andrea accompanied by prof. Salvatore Garbo.


The 2019 edition will take place in itinere at the IIS G. Marconi di Vittoria institute.


For the next 8 March, the trustee and vice grand chancellor of Sicily and Sardinia will form a team of three girls to be taken to the national teams of Grado (GO) for the 2018 edition of "women in art flambé".


At the headquarters in Modica the day before there was a conference on slow food principals, the meaning of being citizens in the world, tourism, and Erasmus projects.


Several honored guests: AMIRA National President Valerio Beltrami, AMIRA National Vice President Mario De Cristina, AMIRA Past President Carlo Hassan, AMIRA Grand Master Rosario Magri, Michelin Starred Chef Claudio Ruta, AIS Delegate Giuseppe Bonaventura, the mayor of Santa Croce Camarina Dr. Giovanni Barone, the mayor of Chiaramonte Gulfi Hon. Sebastiano Gurrieri with the Councilor for Education, Veronica Sammatrice.


A special thanks goes to prof.ssa Paola Giardina, referent of Chiaramonte Gulfi branch for having believed from the first moment in the importance of this event, to the principal prof. Bartolomeo Saitta and the vicar prof. Orazio Licitra.


The competition was masterfully conducted by the journalist Sonia Iacono who was able to give added value to the event. ** We thank all the sponsors who were present (AVIDE, CANTINE PEPI, POGGIO DI BORTOLONE, LATTERIE RIUNITE, CIEFFE SRL, AGRIN, TENDER BEEF, ELECTROLUX, TRINACRIA CATERING, ANTICA STAZIONE, CONSORZIO CHIARAMONTE, BANCA AGRICOLA POPOLARE DI RAGUSA) and, in particular, the Municipality of Chiaramonte Gulfi and the Mayor Hon Sebastiano Gurrieri who, in addition to the patronage, has given a substantial contribution to expenses.